Group Lessons

There are two ways to learn about the Japanese language in a group setting. 

Have a look below.

Kanji classes

Kanji are Chinese characters that have made their way to Japan in the 6th century AD and have become the foundation for the Japanese writing system ever since, because both hiragana and katakana 

find their origin in these characters.

The kanji for daily use alone are a staggering 2.316 characters, so if you are serious about studying Japanese it is best to start early. I have crafted my own kanji courses in which you will learn the following:


-How to write kanji.

-How to read kanji in different contexts.

-Why kanji look the way they look.

-An introduction to basic calligraphy in the final lesson.


These group courses take place when enough students are interested.


The cost for a course of 8 lessons is 130 euros which includes the course booklet and the tools for calligraphy for the final lesson.








Volksuniversiteit Amersfoort

As of 2019 I have started providing lessons at the Volkuniversiteit Amersfoort where I use course materials created by Maarten Liebregts who teaches at Volksuniversiteit Utrecht and also studied at Leiden University.


Twice a year, from February until May and from September until December, I will teach various classes of 12 lessons each.


My aim is to offer more courses as I continue to teach in Amersfoort.


Please have a look at their website for more information.



NOTE: as most students will have Dutch as their mother tongue these classes will more likely than not be conducted in Dutch.