Japanese Private Lessons

There are a few ways to study Japanese in private with me. 

Please have a look below and see what interests you.


These are the private lessons that can either take place at my place, or in the convenience of your home if you live in or near Utrecht.

The first class will be free of charge so we can get to know each other and the goals you have in mind as well as determine your level.



  • 1 hour,       35 euros
  • 1,5 hours,  40 euros
  • 2 hours,     50 euros


Two People

If you would like to study Japanese together with a friend or perhaps your partner, the private lessons can also take place at my place or another spot you feel comfortable with.



  • 1 hour,         40 euros
  • 1,5 hours,    50 euros
  • 2 hours,      60 euros


I also provide lessons through Zoom if you do not live in the region or if it is more convenient for you.


Lesson reservations

It is possible to book 4 lessons within 1 month and get half a class discount.

  • Example: booking 4 lessons of 1 hour within the same month gets you a discount of 17,50.
  • If you book classes of different hours your discount will be half of the cheapest class.



If you are a student in your daily life I am willing to negotiate about the lesson fees.

Cancellation Policy

  1. If you decide to book 4 lessons in 1 month I trust that you intend to take these classes within this month. Lessons will not carry over to a new month unless there is a valid reason for cancellation such as a death in the family, illness, etc.
  2. Apart from the reserved lessons I would like to know 24 hours in advance if you decide to cancel a lesson. Otherwise I will be forced to charge half the lesson fee.